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About Read Easy South & East Wiltshire​

Read Easy helps adults learn to read. Around 1 in 10 adults in the UK cannot read at all or struggle to read everyday items. There are many reasons why some people find it difficult to learn to read as children, but it’s never to late to learn. Read Easy has helped hundreds of adults learn to read. Improving your reading skills can change your life. Parents and grandparents that can read are better-placed to support their family’s learning and helping children become confident readers.

Services Provided:

We provide free, one-to-one coaching for adults in South and East Wiltshire. Read Easy provides personal coaches so people learn quietly and comfortably at their own pace. There are no class rooms or group situations. It’s confidential, so nobody needs to know who’s learning. It’s flexible so you can find times and places to meet that suit you. You and your coach will work through the five Turning Pages manuals (published by the Shannon Trust). These are specially designed for adults and work well for people with dyslexia. The manuals go right back to basics and guide you through areas, where you might have got stuck before. As you progress you’ll develop your skills and confidence. It’s free, so there’s nothing to lose, by giving it a try and it could make a big difference to both you and your family. Just give us a ring on 07942 382318.



Areas Covered:

Parts of Wiltshire

How are services accessed?

Professional & Self-Referral

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Contact Name:

Moira Packer

07942 382318

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