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About People Against Poverty

We are passionate about alleviating poverty and suffering around the world.
People helping people, communities helping communities; delivering energy and resource impacting the lives of the poor.

Services Provided:

An estimated 14.3 million people are in poverty in the UK. 8.3 million are working-age adults, 4.6 million are children, and 1.3 million are of pension age. It is estimated that in the UK around 22% of people overall and 34% of children live in poverty.

The Dignity Project will help families already facing crisis with essential white goods to help them provide for their families without being pushed into further severe financial difficulty.

In essence our aim is to:
– Help improve nutrition by supplying a cooker so that homemade meals can be made at the same time lowering food costs.
– Providing a washing machine will give better hygiene and avoid further expense by attending costly launderettes.
– Supply fridge/freezers that will allow for better budgeting and bulk buying.

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