Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

About Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

The Wiltshire Wildlife Trust is one of the UK’s leading environmental charities, which recognizes that the conservation of wildlife and preservation of the planet are inextricably linked, and works to promote a sustainable future for wildlife and people. 

Services Provided:

We can provide work experience placements in a variety of environmental projects such as conservation skills, wood craft skills, waste management, refurbishment and recycling, and office admin. We provide provision for those suffering from mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse, ex-offenders, those with behavioural problems, learning difficulties and the long term unemployed. We believe in the biophilia hypothesis which shows that working in the outdoor environment has beneficial effects on health and wellbeing. This can improve individual’s confidence, social and practical skills giving them an advantage in looking for work. Current services: Wellbeing, Youth Wellbeing, Waste Education, Refurbishment & Recycling, Family Events, Conservation Work, Work Experience Placements, Wildlife Watch Groups, Local Supporter Groups.

Lakeside Care Farm- Lakeside offers children, young people and adults with specific needs the opportunity for meaningful education and work-based experience in nature conservation, farming and horticulture, as well as Forest School activities.

At Lakeside our experienced staff work with individuals and small groups. This includes, for example, children and young people with Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs), adult special needs groups and families.


Any age. If below 18 and not on a Work Experience Placement through a school or college, they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Areas Covered:


How are services accessed?

Via referrals from SPLASH, youth organisations, schools, directly through our volunteer office and website.

Contact Name:


Elm Tree Court
Long Street
SN10 1NJ

01380 725670

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